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Mep500 Programmer [Updated]




 . . purge post time, purge post boost, purge post fuel and purge post idle time. These 6 dipswitches are labeled as shown below: For automatic purge For a more detailed description of the programming of the M100 series programmer see the Owner’s Manual Purge dipswitch Programming table Units   Battery M100 series data 0 - No battery voltage 1 - Minimum battery voltage 2 - Normal battery voltage 3 - Maximum battery voltage VIN Normal values The normal values for the VIN are: Eddy Current Induction (ECI) Tachometer The M100 programmers come with a standard 3-core eddy current tachometer. These tachometers are more precise than their counterparts found on previous M100 programmers and, to some extent, on later M500 series programmers. The ECI tachometer is used to check for wire breakage. The inductance is also used to calibrate the ECI tachometer. The eddy current tachometer has a minimum reading of 7200 rpm. SUM System SUM system is an electronic control unit that controls the engine air fuel ratio. It consists of a 12-bit digital-to-analog converter (DAC), a fuel pump circuit, a fuel metering circuit and an engine control circuit. The SUM system can be calibrated by replacing the calibration data from the factory. Purge circuits The purge circuits were added to the M100 series programmers for the purpose of purging a higher EGR flow and cleaning out the engine for the next fuel injected operation. These circuits consist of a solenoid and fuel metering circuit. When the circuit is activated, the solenoid valve will open and start the purge cycle. A spike in voltage will be supplied to the electronic control unit (ECU) after the purge signal is triggered. The ECU will then calculate the amount of fuel which should be injected. The ECU will also count the engine cycles and purge the EGR valves in the cylinder head at the end of the purge cycle. The ECU will turn off the ECI tachometer and switch to the injector circuit for engine control. The fuel metering circuit consists of a minimum metering valve, a minimum metering valve driver and a fuel metering circuit. The ECI tachometer will be turned off for at




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Mep500 Programmer [Updated]

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